Welcome to Acupuncture from the Heart, where we practice from the Heart of East Asian Medicine. Informed by years of training and experience, and inspired by teachers from China, Korea, and Japan, it is our goal to support your journey to health.

At its core, East Asian Medicine (EAM) understands there is no separation between mind and body – we are part of, and in subtle communication, with our surroundings at every moment. Our spiritual, physical and emotional bodies are constantly integrating these experiences through our eyes, ears, nose and skin – our inner portals to the external world. Occasionally we meet roadblocks, develop a physical condition, experience an accident, or have other stress which feels insurmountable. Sometimes those roadblocks cause chronic conditions, and we need help in unblocking the restriction so we can enjoy health again.

EAM is a well respected system of medicine based on thousands of years of evidence, science, and research. At Acupuncture from the Heart we use a wide variety of treatment modalities to help you find and re-gain the balance where spirit, mind, and body meet. It is a perfect blending of art and science.

Dr. Hildebrand combines a range of approaches including needles, auricular and scalp acupuncture, Dr. Tan’s methods, Koryo hand acupuncture, e-stimulation, cupping, moxibustion, GuaSha, Tui Na (massage), Reiki and Craniosacral work. She carries and prescribes herbal formulas and supplements, and often works with western medical providers to navigate the complicated terrain of intra-professional and collaborative medical practices.

Acupuncture From the Heart is the culmination of almost 40 years of a personal healing journey, and a professional and academic pursuit which is ongoing and never-ending. It is truly Acupuncture…brought to you from the heart.

Dr. Celia Hildebrand DAOM, NCCAOM Dipl, LAc